Top Five Most Subscribed Youtubers

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Top Five Most Subscribed Youtubers
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Top Five Most Subscribed Youtubers

Here are some Top Five Most Subscribed Youtubers. Over the years, people have enjoyed all sorts of entertainment from YouTubers, ranging from viral clips to new music videos which pop up each day, thus keeping the audience entertained. However, though it may seem easy to set up a channel and attract followers with each day that comes, people on this platform will have you know that it takes a lot more than creativity to keep your numbers on the rise.


Top Five Most Subscribed Youtubers

This channel currently boasts of over 87 million followers, thanks to its rich content. Felix Kjellberg is quite the problematic 28-year-old Swedish King, who heads this channel. His specialty lies in the making of memes and vlogs that relate to the clueless gamer segments, something which has earned him fame over the years.


Dude Perfect

Top Five Most Subscribed Youtubers

A following of over thirty-nine million people is no joke, and many people are curious as to what makes this channel a success. The exciting thing about this channel is that it started about ten years ago with a few buckets, a camera, a sandwich and a challenge that propelled Tyler Toney and his friends to a whole new level of trick shots.

Hola Soy German

Top Five Most Subscribed Youtubers
Following Dude Perfect quite closely is Garmendia with his more than thirty-eight million followers. He boasts of two channels, which he uses to showcase his band skills, efforts with the Greenpeace movement as well as his books.

Whindersson Nunes

Top Five Most Subscribed Youtubers
Whindersson Nunes is not your average 23-year-old if his following is anything to go by, which it is. He currently has over 34 million people watching his every move as he gets into his vlogs that also feature pop parodies.

Elrubius OMG

Top Five Most Subscribed Youtubers
33.98 million followers! And it is all thanks to gameplay videos with the occasional interviews sprinkled over the channel. Evidently, Ruben has a way with his followers.
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