Universal TV Remote | All TV for Android

Universal TV Remote | All TV for Android

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Universal TV Remote | All TV for Android

Universal TV Remote | All TV for Android. The remote control is the big facility to enjoy the streaming of Television. You can control your TV from a distance as the name indicates “remote controller”.

But there are several funny issues that are related to remote control of TV. Normally we always misplaced the TV control; the babies like to bite on the buttons of the control. The battery issues, that always occurs with the TV serials lovers or other TV lovers.

Universal TV Remote | All TV for Android

Universal Remote Control is the free android app that will help you a lot to solve this chronic issue of remote control. This is the app through which you can control the TV by simply changing your Smartphone into a remote controller. This app provides all the functionalities that are provided by the remote control. You can change volume in the same as in remote control. You can change the channels of TV.

Universal TV Remote | All TV for Android

Want to re-use your Android Smartphone or tablet into a universal remote control app for enjoying live TV shows and other home entertainment options? Here is a must-have Wife Remote Control for TV app for Android.

Universal Remote Control has the same interface as of the normal remote control. Developing an android app to control all TV set settings is because the phone is the most common gadget and everybody has it. So there is no need to buy and another gadget to replace the remote control. This universal app will work on both android and tablets.

TV Remote App can easily be obtained by installing the app from Google play store and then to connect to the TV is just a piece of cake. You have no worries to manage the connectivity of your android phone with the universal remote app as the connectivity will be done automatically by placing the mobile phone or tablet in front of the TV IR detector.

Universal TV Remote | All TV for Android

Functionalities of Remote Control for TV.

As there are IR TV devices and Smart TV devices. For smart TV devices, you have to connect your TV and mobile phone with the same Wi-Fi connection. By this the remote controller will control all the settings like changing channels, changing volume, and other TV settings like brightness, contrast, etc will be achieved through a Wi-Fi connection. Along with all remote controller functionality, this app has a cool and beautiful user interface and through this app, you will get an easy interface and there is no difficulty to use this app.

For IR TV set your phone must have the built-in infrared.  The IR TV can be controlled with the infrared. With this IR control, you can access all brands.

IR remote control will provide you the functionality.

  • Power on-off functionality.
  • Mute and un-mute TV option.
  • Chanel index button, channel digits button.
  • The same graphical interface like the real remote control.
  • Volume up; volume down.

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