Video: Karachi men shoot bull after it escapes, gets out of control before qurbaani

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KARACHI: Slaughtering an carnal is simply a pugnacious occupation and the butcher needs to beryllium precise dependable portion preparing the sacrificial carnal for slaughter.

On the archetypal time of Eid, however, thing went incorrect erstwhile a bull was astir to beryllium slaughtered, a viral video of the incidental shows. As a result, it escaped and gave its owners a pugnacious clip by moving crossed the neighbourhood for respective hours. 

The incidental took spot successful the Scheme 33 country of the metropolis. While moving for its life, the bull damaged respective vehicles. Unable to get clasp of the bull, its owners resorted to shooting it successful the limb earlier yet getting a accidental to sacrifice it.

Amir, who runs a nutrient store successful Gulshan-e-Iqbal, had past week told that successful bid to marque immoderate other bucks, respective radical go 'seasonal butchers' during Eid.

He regretted that the inclination sidelines nonrecreational butchers who slaughter animals passim the year.

"I slaughter cows for Rs12,000 to Rs18,000, depending connected their size, but you volition find seasonal butchers who bash the occupation for Rs8,000 oregon adjacent Rs7,000," helium said. "But they tin ne'er execute the finesse of a professional."

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