Ways to Destroy a Beautiful Complexion

Ways to Destroy a Beautiful Complexion

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Ways to Destroy a Beautiful Complexion

Ways to Destroy a Beautiful Complexion. A lot of men and women spend thousands of dollars just to make their complexions look beautiful. They try to give so much effort into it. Here are some problems that can damage your skin complexion. Some of you might never hear all of this.

Sun Damage comes first on the list. UV rays can harm the elastic tissues in your skin. It can cause scars as well. Elastic tissues allow the skin to soften and easy to move. Solar Keratosis is a condition that develops from long term exposure to UV rays. This causes the skin to lose its flexibility that makes the skin old. In addition to this, skin cancer probably ruins your life. Always use sunscreen for protection.

Fungal keratosis is also suffered by many women. This condition develops if you have years of sun exposure. The sun causes cracks on the skin allowing fungal parasites to come under the skin that interferes with normal healing even if you have been using therapeutic creams. You should use special fungal skin creams.

Bad make up comes next. Many makeup products have chemicals to make them last longer. Manufacturers put chemicals such as formaldehyde and phenol in all their skincare products. This can be very dangerous as it can cause skin cancer. Avoid skin products without these poisons by checking the labels.

Dryness can lose great looking skin. If you live in dry surroundings, dry air will suck the moisture out of your skin. This will dry up skin cells and will let puckering lines to occur. Moving to a lake can help a lot as well as using good chemical-free moisturizers.

A bad diet can cause dead skin cells so it needs the right nutrition to maintain soft and healthy cells. Our entire body necessitates proper nutrition. But the skin shows an indication of an improper diet.

Air toxins. Almost of household cleansers contain dangerous substances that can cause death to humankind. Yet we cover our bodies with them when we are cleaning our homes. A lot of product cleansers contain bleach that can destroy the skin. It is also bad for the lungs.

Some chemicals in the air from household mold can also cause the skin to get flaking.

Illness would be the last on our list. Being terribly sick makes you look bad at all.

There is no need to go to a dermatologist for most of these problems. Common sense and being alert from dangerous ingredients would do.


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