What’s the Cost of Invisalign or Braces?

What’s the Cost of Invisalign or Braces?

Well, this varies depending on your financial situation, where you live, the kind of treatment you need, and your orthodontist. Let’s look at this:

For Invisalign

  • Some orthodontists may charge about £4,580
  • Invisalign is more pricey than braces. However, Invisalign is more popular since it provides more accurate results. Your dentist will recommend what’s right for you
  • To cover the hefty up-front laboratory fees and equipment, a down payment of £2,034 is required
  • All the trays are designed in advance by Invisalign, which is why the orthodontist has to make full payment within 30 days; the reason they need more up-front payment

For Braces

  • Between £3,817 to £4,071 you can get braces. But the price varies depending on how complex the case is
  • Some orthodontists may charge a down payment of £843; that is negotiable since they do not have the expensive up-front costs like Invisalign

How do you pay for Invisalign and braces?

When it comes to affording braces and Invisalign cost in London, you can adopt any of the following methods:

  • Save up – You can either make full payment for a discount, put a large sum aside from which you will be making monthly payments, or save money to make up-front payments as much as possible. To achieve this, you can reduce excess spending, take up a side job to take in extra cash, use your tax returns, or save little money monthly to pay for your orthodontic treatment. Whatever you need to do to make sure your budget is cut down and more money is saved should be done if you are sure you need Invisalign/braces. Besides, you will get to see as you continue to read that paying for your Invisalign at once will save you a good chunk of cash.
  • You can’t afford it? Look for ways to afford it by cutting down your budget and making adjustments until you get the money – You have to cut down on certain things if you or your kids really need Invisalign/braces. Make some sacrifices to ensure your budget accommodates the treatment. For instance, you can sell your car or get one that is way more cheaper. Again, you can reduce your cable and grocery bills. Eating out should be cut back on. To be of immense help, your kids can make some extra cash by taking up weekend jobs like mowing lawns, babysitting, and others. Avoid putting the cost on a credit card; it’s a complete no-no. Should you be unable to afford it, do not go for it. Most importantly, you can work your way around raising the money; get creative, think out of the box, and the money will come if you consider getting Invisalign a priority.
  • Finance it and take out something else, so it fits into your budget – Should you be unable to make full payment for treatment at once, cut down on your spending; buy only what is important. Make monthly payments and ensure that you pay off before the interest come through. So many orthodontists offer in-house financing. Treatment with Invisalign is dependent on the type of case due to the expensive up-front costs the orthodontist is required to pay to Invisalign. Some dentists require a down payment of £2,035 for Invisalign, with no interest paid for a year, and a monthly payment of £212 till the payment is complete. This offer is less for braces. Not only that, but you can also get a financial plan called Care Credit at some orthodontist’s. This plan is based on your Credit and runs via GE. It has a plethora of options too. For example, with this plan, you can pay off your Invisalign cost within 3 years without any interest. But, bear in mind that you can negotiate terms and interest, particularly if you’ve got great credit. We offer great Invisalign deals in the UK for all our patients.
  • Dental insurance – This is another way to pay for Invisalign and braces. It is a great option when you have dental needs that are really expensive. Dental insurance plans are different depending on if you have a job or not, and your insurance company. Sometimes there is a deductible, probably between £843 to £2,545. Ensure you calculate this. Add the monthly premium payments, for instance, if it is £118.79 per month, add up the deductible plus all the months of premium payments to see that you are really saving up some good cash. Should you have an insurance cover, dentists and orthodontists may not give you discounts and are less likely to work with you. Do your maths and discuss with your dentist and insurance company before choosing this method of payment. Also, people who are self-employed and have private plans may not have the employer capability to pay the plan, so often it’s better not to have an individual insurance plan. Do your research to know what your dental insurance plan covers.

How can you get a discount?

  • Should you be able to save up and make full payment for treatment, most dentists and orthodontists should offer you a discount. Some may give a 5% discount on full payment. Find out from your dentist what their discount plan is.
  • Do referrals. Find out if your orthodontist has a referral program where you can refer people and cut an amazing deal for payment. Some orthodontists offer about £42 for each person you refer for treatment. So, refer as many friends you have and save up the lot.

The prices quoted here may look big; don’t get scared. This only tells you that braces and Invisalign is an investment. However, you can save up, plan ahead, and get creative to find ways of paying for your treatment if you have it top of mind.

You can contact London Braces clinic for more information about the cost of Invisalign and braces, method of payment, discounts, and many other useful details. Our friendly team will be glad to help. Call 020 37457520 today.

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