When Bilal Maqsood's son sketched India's most prolific artist in person

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To people legendary Indian creator Maqbool Fida Husain’s 10th decease anniversary, Pakistani instrumentalist and vocalist Bilal Maqsood shared a memorable anecdote. Taking to Instagram, Maqsood, who’s besides a painter, reminisced the clip his lad Mikael Maqsood sketched the precocious legend, that too, successful person.

Sharing pictures from the occasion, Maqsood revealed however his lad was lone eight-years-old erstwhile helium sat crossed from Husain and sketched him successful his notebook. The bid of pictures besides saw the sketch Mikael made of Husain's with his signature connected it. While different representation saw Husain sketching with Mikael sitting by his side. According to Maqsood, Husain was truthful impressed by Mikael that helium made a coating for him successful return.

Since Strings disbanded, Maqsood seems to beryllium giving each his clip to his art, provided the fig of paintings helium has shared connected his Instagram lately. His caller ‘crow series’ has garnered rather the praise from fans and astatine this rate; the vocalist whitethorn conscionable person to clasp an auction soon.

Husain, connected the different hand, was a renowned Indian creator known for executing bold, vibrantly coloured communicative paintings successful a modified Cubist style. He was 1 of the astir celebrated and internationally recognised Indian artists of the 20th century.

A founding subordinate of Bombay Progressive Artists' Group, Husain besides painted galore Bollywood movie posters and billboards. But his aboriginal works stirred rather the rubble, arsenic they featured nude portrayals of Hindu deities, including Bharat Mata. Right-wing organisations called for his arrest, and respective lawsuits were filed against him for hurting spiritual sentiments.

He remained successful a self-imposed exile from 2006 until his decease connected June 9, 2011, aft accepting Qatari citizenship successful 2008.

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